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“Based in Clerkenwell, London,” London Residential Security Specialists, a leading security consultancy company, is an innovative, creative company established in March 2021. Accredited by the SIA (Societies of London Advertising Security) and subsequently accepted into the London Commercial Association’s (LCAS) London Security Provider Program, we offer bespoke, intelligent security services to a wide range of clients across London. We work closely with our clients to create innovative solutions tailored to their specific security requirements, whilst adhering to both security and safety requirements. We continually monitor the market to ensure that our existing and new services to remain competitive.

What Zombies Can Teach You About Private Residential Security In London

From our established premises in Clerkenwell – a bustling area in London’s West End, we operate a network of security services and security experts to meet the varied requirements of our clients. Our expert security services include access control, window and door locking, intercom and CCTV security, as well as security lighting and high-tech alarm systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to design highly functional and technologically advanced security solutions which exceed the highest industry standards. Our home and business alarms include innovative security features such as touch-less entry, motion sensors, touch-less entry doors, and fingerprint door locks. Our most popular products include window and door sensor alarms, residential and commercial safe locks, intercom, biometric wall safe and biometric key lock options.

As a specialist residential security consultancy company, Loremipsum Dolor carries a strong tradition in the security field. Founded in 1978, the company is managed by experienced professionals who possess years of experience. We understand that the security industry in London changes rapidly, so we constantly assess our positions and adjust our strategies accordingly. Our commitment to customer service and a secure and monitored environment is also a core component of our operations.